About FSA

stock graphic Recognized for our focused industry experience and superior customer service, we provide flexible, integrative staffing and support solutions to government agencies across the country. We take pride in our ability to provide quality people, quality service, and quality results within the highest ethical framework. FSA is a joint venture owned by Engility Corporation, LLC and AECOM Technical Service Co., with Engility Corp. acting as the managing partner. Our Board of Directors, comprised of representatives from Engility Corp. and AECOM, provides strategic direction and leadership - assisting FSA in creating new relationships for growth, as well as maintaining our success stories. With the backing of these known leaders in the field, FSA's reputation as an innovative solutions provider will continue to flourish.

Quality People

Passionate. Professional. Experienced.

FSA employs a diverse range of seasoned and experienced professionals who take great pride and enthusiasm in their work. From administrative and data analysis services to complex financial investigations, legal support and operations management, FSA recruits, hires and manages a broad range of professionals in numerous skill sets.

Quality Service

Specialized. Supportive. Client-driven.

FSA’s core business is deeply rooted in our long-term Department of Justice (DOJ) Asset Forfeiture contract. Responsible for more than 1,900 billable positions in hundreds of government worksites located throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico and Guam, our team of professionals possess the insight, experience, and expertise to capably support Federal, state and local agencies in their efforts to serve and protect our nation.

Quality Results

Accountable. Reliable. Efficient.

FSA understands the unique challenges of law enforcement agencies. By pairing innovative thinking with proven industry insight, we collaborate with our clients and partners to produce flexible support solutions that are practical, sustainable, and reliable.


Principled. Honest. Lawful.

FSA maintains an uncompromising commitment to providing the highest quality people that produce the highest quality programs within the highest ethical framework.

Quality Control

Repeatable. Measurable. Embedded.

Quality does not just happen - it is the result of a top down commitment to documented processes, meaningful metrics and a relentless focus on improvement.

FSA's Headquarters (HQ) function has been assessed and certified by National Quality Assurance, USA against the provisions of ISO 9001:2008